attend school, get cell phone …

… or is it vice versa? Well, students in New York will get free phones, with a lot more perks added, to improve their attendance rates:

“Here’s the plan: in January about 15,000 middle-schoolers from high-poverty neighborhoods will be given free cell phones. Through those phones kids will then receive taped—and perhaps even personal—messages from entertainment and sports celebrities reminding them to try their best in class. They’ll be able to download “interviews” with well-to-do men and women who work as dentists, technicians, scientists and accountants and who will discuss the way they parlayed school success into financial security. Teachers will also use the phones to remind pupils about upcoming tests or an overdue homework assignment. When individuals or groups of kids improve their attendance, up their grades or display good citizenship in school, they’ll be rewarded with free minutes on their phones and tickets to shows and sporting events. Kids who get phones will also be assigned mentors.”

for more, see Newsweek


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One response to “attend school, get cell phone …

  1. Pit

    For sure, I would have liked that, too, as a child. But now, I no longer think it’s a good idea as learning should be done for its own sake, and not to earn a reward. And this should be made clear to students from the beginning.

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