extreme beers

“As a life philosophy, it may not lead to wealth, happiness or old age, but for many American brewers today the motto printed on the bottle of Moylander Double IPA, from Moylan’s, a West Coast brewer, is a guiding principle:”If one is good, then two is better!”

Such is the ethos of extreme beers, an all-American genre in which brewers are engaged in a constant game of “Can you top this?” Whether using an inordinate amount of traditional ingredients like malt or hops, or adding flavorings undreamed of by Old World brewers, American brewers have created a signature style that beer enthusiasts seem both to love and hate.”

quoted from: The International Herald Tribune

I must admit, I don’t have much experience in American extreme beers, but I do like the Belgian “Affligem“, which comes in double or even triple strength and can be boughthere in the UD at Whole Foods’.

US beers I like are MGD, Shiner Bock and Fat Tire [a strange name, but a good beer: very tasty].


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