N.C. Dems brace for GOP remap – Alex Isenstadt – POLITICO.com

N.C. Dems brace for GOP remap – Alex Isenstadt – POLITICO.com.

North Carolina Democrats largely survived the carnage of the midterms — eluding the fate that claimed many of their Southern colleagues.

But the redistricting nightmare they now face will be harder to escape.

With North Carolina Republicans slated to unveil a new congressional map this week, Democrats are bracing for a buzzsaw. Party officials sullenly concede that as many as three Democratic incumbents could be imperiled and that there is little they can do to stop it.

“I don’t think there will be anything subtle about it,” said Mike Davis, a longtime Democratic consultant in the state. “It will be more like a bulldozer.”

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One response to “N.C. Dems brace for GOP remap – Alex Isenstadt – POLITICO.com

  1. Pit

    To me, it seems deeply undemocratic that redistricting can be left mainly to the party in power, be it the Republicans, be it the Democrats, so that they can shape the districts as to their convenience, creating many secure districts as possible. I really prefer the German system where an independent commission periodically reviews the set of the districts and – if necessary – recommends changes. And then the parliament has the final say.

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