Borderline Ridiculous –

Borderline Ridiculous –


Borderline Ridiculous

The United States is home to 11 million illegal immigrants. The undocumented hold jobs, have children, pay taxes, use government services — and too often live in fear. What is to be done about them? It’s a difficult question, and one the Republican presidential candidates in the last two debates spent a great deal of effort avoiding.

Unlike Ronald Reagan, none of these Republicans favor “amnesty,” and President George W. Bush’s comprehensive solution — tougher enforcement and legalization, with penalties — has gone nowhere. Comprehensive reform is President Obama’s answer, too, which means no Republican today dares support it.


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  1. Pit

    Let me pick out just one item here, the border fence, a “solution” the present Republican candidates seem to favour:
    Even if – regarding the immense costs [which in itself, as the article correctly points out, is a direct contradiction to the Republican mantra of less government (spending)] – such a fence could be built, it is rightly said that for every 30-foot fence there is a 35-foot ladder. Thus, the only way to secure the border with a fence would be the way the former GDR did it with their border fence, with constant patrolling and the patrols not only allowed but forced to shoot to kill on sight, and also “fortified” with mines and shotguns with trigger wires.
    Do we really want such a inhuman way, which would lead to hundreds of deaths?

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