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Hollywood Dishonors the Bard

ROLAND EMMERICH’S film “Anonymous,” which opens next week, “presents a compelling portrait of Edward de Vere as the true author of Shakespeare’s plays.” That’s according to the lesson plans that Sony Pictures has been distributing to literature and history teachers in the hope of convincing students that Shakespeare was a fraud. A documentary by First Folio Pictures (of which Mr. Emmerich is president) will also be part of this campaign.


In dramatizing this conspiracy, Mr. Emmerich has made a film for our time, in which claims based on conviction are as valid as those based on hard evidence.


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One response to “Hollywood Dishonors the Bard – NYTimes.com

  1. Pit

    I’d never have thought that Supreme Court justices Antonin Scalia and John Paul Stevens [former justice, that is] would adhere to such a far-fetched theory which has no scientific substance at all and can easily be refuted. Their belief in this conspiracy theory doesn’t bode well for their judgement in cases that come/came to the Supreme Court.

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