The American Spectator : Going North

The American Spectator : Going North.


Going North

In a parliamentary system, we would easily solve our debt crisis.

AFTER THE STANDARD & POOR‘S downgrade in early August, it didn’t take long for the blame game to begin. Predictably, the mainstream media blamed the Republicans. The problem began with the November 2010 election, when a group of Tea Party “terrorists” were elected to Congress. Those who take a longer view blamed it on George W. Bush (who else?).

I go back even earlier. To September 6, 1787, to be precise. That’s when the Founders in Philadelphia abandoned their plans for parliamentary governance in favor of a presidential system.

The presidential system, with its separation of powers between the different branches of government, is at the core of the Constitution, and questioning its worth seems almost unpatriotic. And yet we very nearly adopted a system not unlike the parliamentary regimes of Great Britain and Canada, which lack a separation of powers.


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One response to “The American Spectator : Going North

  1. Pit

    Now that’s a very intriguing point the authjor makes. As to “checks and balances”: to my mind the system is so well balanced, that the three powers really check each other to the extent that the government is dysfunctional.

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