How About Better Parents? –

How About Better Parents? –

How About Better Parents?

IN recent years, we’ve been treated to reams of op-ed articles about how we need better teachers in our public schools and, if only the teachers’ unions would go away, our kids would score like Singapore’s on the big international tests. There’s no question that a great teacher can make a huge difference in a student’s achievement, and we need to recruit, train and reward more such teachers. But here’s what some new studies are also showing: We need better parents. Parents more focused on their children’s education can also make a huge difference in a student’s achievement.


Read the full text here: The New York Times



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2 responses to “How About Better Parents? –

  1. Pit

    From my experience of more than 25 years as a teacher I can only agree with that article. Not that I want to excuse any “bad” teacher, but it’s first and foremost the parents’ duty to prepare their children for school so that the children can be educated. To use a metaphor: the parents have to prepare the field so that the seeds the teachers sow can grow. And reading to the children, talking to them about school, caring about their learning are all “fertilizers”.
    The parents are the ones that have to open their children’s minds and show/teach them the values of a good education. Much is lacking nowadays just there. I vividly remember parents who worked against the teachers and not with them, let alone that they appreciated the often difficult tasks of the teachers, their engagement and their efforts.

  2. Thanks for this text, Pit. I agree with the article and with you. My experience is the same than yours.
    On education and In spanish I am posting too.

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