Voting Rights and Texas –

Voting Rights and Texas –


Voting Rights and Texas

Texas grew so much over the last decade that it qualified for four new House seats. Almost all of that growth — more than four million people — came from new Hispanic residents, but when the Republicans who control the State Legislature drew the new districts last summer, they reduced the number of districts where minorities could elect the candidate of their choice to 10 from 11.

Hispanics tend to vote Democratic, and under the Texas redistricting plan, the number of safe Republican seats would have risen to 26 from 21. This egregious violation of the Voting Rights Act prompted Hispanic groups to sue, and last month a federal court panel threw out the Legislature’s plan, which was also backed by Gov. Rick Perry. The court has drawn up a plan with three new districts in which minorities would be the majority, potentially giving the Democrats a gain of as many as four seats. Republicans immediately cried foul, demanding an end to judicial meddling.


Read the full stroy here: The New York Times


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  1. Pit

    The basic flaw – to my mind – with US election laws that makes gerrymandering possible and, to a certain extent, of course, unavoidable, is the winner-take-all system. It is only that system that makes it possible to create safe seats by gerrymandering. If there was a simply-majority system, everyone’s vote would count in the same way. I certainly believe that the present system violates the one-person-one-vote requirement and thus is unconstitutional. But since either party in power will profit from the existing system, I don’t really see a chance of it being changed.

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