Wonkbook: Germany’s high-stakes bet – The Washington Post

Wonkbook: Germany’s high-stakes bet – The Washington Post.

Wonkbook: Germany’s high-stakes bet

at 06:54 AM ET, 12/06/2011

For Germans, the question isn’t whether to save the euro. It’s when to save the euro. For the rest of us, the question is whether the Germans will wait until it’s already too late.


So to understand the German position, look at it from their perspective: Why in the world would Germany let up the pressure now? When they’re so close to amending the very treaty underlying the euro zone? When France has joined with them on a set of reforms? When the market is doing what the Germans never could?

I worry this makes the Germans sound like puppetmasters. They’re not. Many of their intended reforms are very sensible. The flaws they point to in the euro zone are, indeed, deep, structural flaws in the euro zone. They do envision a future that includes sacrifice on their part: eurobonds that raise Germany’s cost of borrowing and a bailout fund — excuse me, a fiscal stabilization fund — that they contribute heavily to.

So my concern isn’t that the Germans are selfish and calculating. It’s that, without quite realizing it, they have become reckless. They are trying to time the market, betting that they can, in essence, manage the run — that they can do just enough to keep the pressure on without letting matters get totally out of hand. They are like a doctor who, faced with an unhealthy patient presenting signs of a heart attack, demands to see the patient lose weight before they will administer the life-saving treatment.

In almost all of their arguments, the Germans are right. The euro does need to be fixed. But first it needs to be saved. The Germans are betting that this is their opportunity to do both. If they’re right, it will have been a remarkable play. If they’re wrong, it will have been a disastrous one.


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One response to “Wonkbook: Germany’s high-stakes bet – The Washington Post

  1. Pit

    One of the very few articles I’ve read lately in the english-speaking press that deals with this difficult subject sensibly and does not only narrow itself to German-bashing, polemics and scaremongering.

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