EU treaty: Britain wanted a deal – not a row – in Brussels – Telegraph

EU treaty: Britain wanted a deal – not a row – in Brussels – Telegraph.

EU treaty: Britain wanted a deal – not a row – in Brussels

The Foreign Secretary sets out why David Cameron was right to refuse to sign up to a deal in Brussels last week.

9:00PM GMT 10 Dec 2011

t is the duty of every Prime Minister to put the national interest first, even if it means sacrificing quick applause back home or refusing to please his peers in other countries. Not every Prime Minister passes that test but in the small hours of Friday in Brussels David Cameron again showed that he does. No matter how late the hour nor the pressure he is under he will do the right thing for Britain.

The eurozone crisis is having a chilling effect on our economy, our European neighbours’ economies and the world economy. It is in our interests to see it resolved as soon as possible. We support the eurozone countries in their efforts to resolve the crisis.

Obviously, crucial to that is finding a sustainable solution to Greece‘s difficulties, recapitalising the eurozone’s banks properly and convincing the markets with a credible firewall. The eurozone’s foremost countries have come to the view that eurozone countries also need stricter control over their budgets. That is understandable and may well be necessary but it is a considerable loss of national sovereignty that has profound implications for their national democracies. Decisions on national budgets will no longer be decided in eurozone national parliaments but become a matter of shared decision-making by eurozone governments.


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