The Romance of Iowa –

The Romance of Iowa –

December 20, 2011, 2:19 pm

The Romance of Iowa

Why should the Iowa caucuses, two weeks from tonight, be the first political event of 2012?

I covered these singular events from 1972 to 2004 and once thought of them as the height of democracy, with especially virtuous Midwesterners making clearly reasoned decisions and setting a standard the later campaigning rarely lived up to.

I was not impressed by the most common argument against Iowa’s prominence, its demographic — that its population is very white and very rural and has a unusually large percentage of evangelical Christians. That doesn’t trouble me. Any state that goes first will be different. No state’s population mirrors the nation.

I now have my doubts about the system, not the people, who are fine.


Read the full story here: The New York Times


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