The end of ‘pester power’ – Telegraph

The end of ‘pester power’ – Telegraph.

The end of ‘pester power’

David Cameron is preparing new curbs on “unscrupulous” companies and shops that expose children to sexualised advertisements and exploit “pester power” to sell goods.

9:59PM GMT 23 Dec 2011

Businesses have been warned that they face new rules to tackle what the Prime Minister has described as “the commercialisation and sexualisation” of childhood.

Companies will be banned from using children and teenagers as “brand ambassadors” to promote toys and clothes among their peers.

There could also be a ban on posters and other outdoor advertising that uses “sexualised images”. So-called “lads’ magazines” could be sold in bags or stored behind “modesty boards” in shops to conceal the explicit images that feature on their covers.

The Prime Minister will hold meetings early in the new year with retailers and advertisers to “put a spotlight” on their conduct.

If voluntary codes of conduct fail to do enough to protect children, ministers are threatening to legislate and impose new laws


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