No way to pick a president – The Washington Post

No way to pick a president – The Washington Post.

No way to pick a president

By , Published: December 28
As the breathless, panting political class turns its eager eyes to Iowa, every sane Americanneeds to step back and ask the obvious question: Is this any way to pick a president?Our country is essentially coming to a halt to watch what 120,000 idiosyncratic voters in an idiosyncratic state do.

This is like letting a single small city play a pivotal role in the selection of our next president.


All these cities have about as many residents as are expected to vote in the Iowa caucuses. The idea that any would play a special, outsize role in choosing the leader of the free world is absurd.


It’s not just that Iowa’s caucus electorate is puny. (The 120,000 figure is a prediction based on the fact that only about that many Republicans out of the state’s 3 million residents turned out in 2008.) The far-right tilt of this band of atypical Americans forces Republican candidates to disavow ideas that might make them attractive leaders to the rest of us.


It’s bizarre.


On one level, the groveling is amusing to watch. But on a deeper level, it’s crazy when a handful of right-wing Iowans have the power to tilt the tenor of presidential debate.


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