Britain has let down young people, says Archbishop – Telegraph

Britain has let down young people, says Archbishop – Telegraph.

Britain has let down young people, says Archbishop

Rioters who took part in the summer’s unrest were expressing “frustrations” felt by many young people, the Archbishop of Canterbury says today.

8:00AM GMT 01 Jan 2012

Dr Rowan Williams re-enters the political fray with a claim that Britain has “let down” youngsters by being “suspicious and hostile” towards them, and by failing to provide good role models.

His comments, in his New Year message, risk reopening his clash with David Cameron, who warned last month that while the Church is entitled to address political issues it should “keep on the agenda that speaks to the whole country”.

The Prime Minister’s comments came after an article in which Dr Williams said people were “afraid” of the Government and that Mr Cameron’s Big Society was viewed as an “opportunistic” cover for cuts.

The Archbishop’s latest intervention comes as the Rt Rev Dr Michael Nazir-Ali, the former Bishop of Rochester, warns in an article for The Sunday Telegraph that politicians and civil servants lack “religious literacy” and have lost touch with Britain’s traditional values.

In a separate message New Year’s message today the Pope will relaunch an attack on the “moral relativism” that he has blamed for Britain’s riots, saying neither peace or justice can be obtained if the objective norms of morality expressed in the Ten Commandments are rejected.


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