In Queen Victoria’s glorious footsteps – Telegraph

In Queen Victoria’s glorious footsteps – Telegraph.

In Queen Victoria’s glorious footsteps

When the Queen celebrates her Diamond Jubilee in June she will face fewer diplomatic dilemmas than her great-great grandmother, the empress of India.

8:00PM GMT 01 Jan 2012

The most extraordinary event in Britain this year won’t be the Olympic Games. They come and go, even in London.

No, the really extraordinary day – in the true sense of extraordinary – will take place on February 6, when the Queen celebrates 60 years on the throne. In May, there will be a Diamond Jubilee Pageant in the grounds of Windsor Castle, and a flotilla of 1,000 boats will sail along the Thames on June 3, the day before a special Jubilee Bank Holiday.

It will be only the second Diamond Jubilee in a thousand years of monarchs. No one alive now is likely to see one again: the Queen shows no sign of slowing down; nor does her eldest son. The Duke of Cambridge is unlikely to succeed to the throne before middle age; he’s even less likely to survive 60 years on the throne beyond that.


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