Sir Christopher Meyer: God and the American Elections

Sir Christopher Meyer: God and the American Elections.

Former British Ambassador to the United States and Germany, former Chairman of the Press Complaints

God and the American Elections

Posted: 9/1/12 00:00 GMT

In 1849 a Scottish traveller to the United States, Alex Mackay, observed that “English names are plentiful around you, and many objects within view have an English look about them. Yet, when the Englishman steps ashore, it is on a foreign, though a friendly land.”

This was an insight of fundamental importance, which we Brits have to learn and learn again. I love America. But it is foreign, more foreign than a common language, shared history and the ‘special relationship’ would suggest.


When I first went to live in the US in 1988, I had my Alex Mackay moment.

[…] in the large picture, it is God who makes the big difference between the two sides of the Atlantic. British politics, like most European politics, is irredeemably secular, as Santorum has disapprovingly noted. God does not even get a walk-on part in our elections. In America he is centre-stage, wherever you place yourself in the political spectrum, to be invoked as much by Barack Obama as Texas Governor Rick Perry, who has apparently been told by God to stay in the Republican primary race.


Read the full article here: The Huffington Post


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