Election laws: Holder v states | The Economist

Election laws: Holder v states | The Economist.

Election laws

Holder v states

Expect plenty of scuffles in the run-up to the general election

RONALD REAGAN appointed him to a federal judgeship. He served as acting attorney-general under George Bush junior. He has backed a law allowing investigators to interrogate terrorism suspects without informing them of their rights. As a federal attorney he prosecuted two prominent Democratic congressman; in private practice he represented large corporations. This is the CV not of a Republican judicial candidate, but of Eric Holder, Barack Obama’s attorney-general. Long unpopular with the right as well as the left, Mr Holder may well spend the coming year even more embattled than usual.

In 2011 34 states proposed laws to strengthen voter-identification requirements. Backers portray these laws as a bulwark against voting fraud. Critics argue that such fraud is exceedingly rare, and these laws would provide little defence against it; instead, they contend, the laws are intended to make it harder for minorities, young people and the poor—groups that lean Democratic—to cast their ballots.

On December 13th, Mr Holder waded into the controversy.


Read the full article here: The Economist


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