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Rick Perry: Marines urinating on corpses were just kids, shouldn’t face criminal charges

Rick Perry: Marines urinating on corpses were just kids, shouldn’t face criminal charges.

Perry: Urinating Marines are ‘Just Kids’

The Texas governor said Marines shouldn’t face criminal prosecution for a “dumb” mistake.
Texas Gov. Rick Perry told CNN Sunday that the Marines who were filmed urinating on Afghan corpses were just kids being kids and the White House has gone “over the top”  in its criticism. “When you’re 18 or 19, you do dumb things. These kids made a mistake, there’s not any doubt about it,” the Republican presidential hopeful said.
Although the Marines should be “appropriately punished” Perry criticized “the idea that this administration would go after these young people for a criminal act.”
Read the full article here: Slate Magazine

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The Iowa Caucuses’ Bitter Harvest – NYTimes.com

The Iowa Caucuses’ Bitter Harvest – NYTimes.com.

Op-Ed Columnist

Iowa’s Harvest

Coralville, Iowa

AS the hour of actual caucusing drew closer, Ron Paul’s campaign trumpeted his endorsement by a pastor who, as it happens, has spoken of executing homosexuals. Rick Perry pledged to devote predator drones and thousands of troops to the protection of the Mexican border, making the mission to keep every last illegal immigrant from crossing sound as urgent as rooting out terrorists in Pakistan.

And Rick Santorum, bringing his “Faith, Family and Freedom” tour to this eastern Iowa town on Thursday, promised never to be cowed by all those craven secularists who believe that a stable, healthy household needn’t be headed by a God-fearing mom and dad.

None of these three men is likely to win the Republican nomination. But before they exit stage right — stage far right, that is — they and a few of their similarly quixotic, similarly strident competitors will do no small measure of damage to the Republican Party and no great favors to the country as a whole. What happens in Iowa doesn’t stay in Iowa: it befouls Republicans’ image nationally, becomes a millstone around the eventual nominee’s neck and legitimizes debate about some matters that shouldn’t be debatable.


Many Democrats take heart from the spectacle of ultra-conservative pandering in Iowa, correctly surmising that it bolsters their own party’s fortunes and President Obama’s re-election chances. They shouldn’t, not if they care about the country, best served by a vigorous back-and-forth about the proper size and role of government and about budgetary restraint. In its least hypocritical moments, the Republican Party has provided an important counterbalance to a Democratic tropism toward paternalism and bloat. It can’t do that if it marginalizes itself by repelling fiscally conservative but socially moderate voters who have little appetite for the shenanigans in Iowa.


Read the full article here: The New York Times

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Ironic Perry can’t get on Va. ballot – Houston Chronicle

Ironic Perry can’t get on Va. ballot – Houston Chronicle.

Ironic Perry can’t get on Va. ballot

Updated 08:14 p.m., Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Gov. Rick Perry has another “oops” on his hands, having failed to get on the ballot for the March 6 Virginia primary. His campaign submitted more than enough names to meet the 10,000-signature requirement, but it did not ensure that the people who collected the autographs were all registered voters or eligible to vote in the state, which is a requirement for the Virginia Republican primary.

Perry does not deny that he failed to meet the state statutory requirements, but that does not mean he is simply going to take it. Rather, Perry is suing in federal court to overturn this state decision. And for a 10th Amendment advocate like Perry, that’s like rain on his wedding day.


To win this case, Perry is going to need a judge willing to overturn state law. Dare we say, Perry will need an activist judge.

We think Perry should take this opportunity to reflect upon his antagonistic rhetoric toward federal courts.


The governor might also use this experience to contemplate the consequences of the overreaching voter ID law that he supported in the Texas Legislature. After all, that law threatens to place severe burden on voters’ freedoms of speech and risks prohibiting otherwise qualified voters from taking part in the democratic process.

We agree that Virginia’s ballot requirements are overly burdensome, and as a major candidate Perry does belong on the ballot. But Perry suing in federal court over strict state voter ID rules is exquisitely ironic.

Read the full article here: The Houston Chronicle

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Is Rick Perry’s $92,376 pension a harbinger of a major fiscal crisis? – The Washington Post

Is Rick Perry’s $92,376 pension a harbinger of a major fiscal crisis? – The Washington Post.

Is Rick Perry’s $92,376 pension the harbinger of a major fiscal crisis?

at 04:51 PM ET, 12/19/2011

Critics of government aid to public employees have a new favorite target for the system’s largesse to retiring federal workers: Governor Rick Perry. This year, the 2012 Republican hopeful took advantage of Texas’ generous pension rules to begin receiving a $92,376 annual pension even before leaving office and giving up his $150,000 annual salary as governor.

Texas’s “early retirement” rules allow for state employees with many years of military and public service to receive pension benefits even before they retire, the Texas Tribune explains. Perry insists that his early benefits are nothing “out of the ordinary.” Critics say that’s precisely the problem, arguing that such perks to government workers are bankrupting taxpayers and saddling states with pension obligations they won’t be able to meet.


A vocal cadre of Republicans, led by Sen. Jim DeMint (R-S.C.), are arguing that state public pensions are now the country’s next great “debt crisis.” In a new report titled “States of Bankruptcy,” they point out that 11 states are projected to run out of money to pay for pensions by 2020 if they don’t take further action. And they argue that special accounting rules that states use grossly underestimate the liabilities they actually face. By the private sector’s accounting standards, states are actually facing a $3 trillion total pension gap—more than twice the standard estimate. DeMint claims that the funding gap could lead to major tax increases and possibly “the Mother of All Bailouts” by the federal government as unfunded pensions come due.


Read the full story here: The Washington Post

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Border Fence Raises Cost Questions – NYTimes.com

Border Fence Raises Cost Questions – NYTimes.com.

Some Cheer Border Fence as Others Ponder the Cost

In the debate over immigration among the Republican presidential candidates, Representative Michele Bachmann of Minnesota signed a pledge last week to build double-fencing the entire length of the 2,000-mile border with Mexico.

Herman Cain called for an electrified border fence, 20 feet high with barbed wire.


Read the full story here: The New York Times

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Paint Creek, Tex., Remembers Rick Perry – NYTimes.com

Paint Creek, Tex., Remembers Rick Perry – NYTimes.com.

Paint Creek, the Town Perry Left Behind

PAINT CREEK, Tex. — In the early 1960s, at a tiny, rural school here in the rugged plains of West Texas, little Ricky Perry waged his first campaign. Seeking the office of Halloween King, he stocked up on penny candy at Ma’s convenience store and then doled it out to classmates.


People here in Haskell County do understand Mr. Perry in a way few can, seeing the spirited, mischievous child in the brash, ambitious politician and recognizing how far this son of a dry-land cotton farmer has already traveled from a county with one stoplight.

But they also know that this town “too small to have a ZIP code,” in Mr. Perry’s words, propelled a restless farm boy whose disciplinarian father was a local power broker into a life of politics that fed off his roots while he moved beyond them and, some say, betrayed them.


Read the full story here: The New York Times

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US Republicans: race to the right | Editorial | Comment is free | The Guardian

US Republicans: race to the right | Editorial | Comment is free | The Guardian.

US national debate needs pragmatists, not people who indulge grievances and parade prejudices as badges of identity

The US Republican party has made a bad start showcasing its presidential talent as it begins to choose a candidate to run against Barack Obama next year. Its prime exhibit is Mitt Romney, who made his personal fortune downsizing companies, but whose current message – ironically – is “jobs, jobs, jobs”. He joked to unemployed Floridians, that he, too, was unemployed. Few laughed. Or there is Michele Bachmann, who makes sense to the evangelical right, but sounds almost unhinged to many others. Her answer to faltering economic recovery? Close down the Environmental Protection Agency.

Read the full article here: The Guardian, online edition, June 19, 2011

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